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If you’re squinting in the sun because you bought those drugstore fit-over sunglasses or cheap clip-ons then you’re likely causing damage to your eyes and vision.

You may know that sunglasses protect your eyes against the sun’s UV rays. But have you ever considered that not all sunglasses give you the good protection? You can find thousands of glasses in department stores which claim to “block UV rays.”

To save your vision from serious damage choose sunglasses that offer 100% protection from UV rays. With cheap sunglasses, you may find that you’re still squinting and straining to see.

Whether you need prescription sunglasses or not, consider investing in high-quality sunglasses that will save your eyes from serious damage.

UV Protection

Ultraviolet rays from the sun will weaken your eyes. It can also hurt your eyelids. UV rays can bring on the development of cataracts and macular degeneration.
To protect your eyes from damaging UV rays, ask for prescription sunglasses that block 99-100% of UVA and UVB rays. You should request lenses that protect your eyes from 75-90% of all visible light.

Polarized Lenses versus Transition Lenses

Both of these lens-types are practical for your eyes. Polarized lenses eliminate the glare reflected from light sources onto all surfaces like water, snow and ice, the light that comes through your windshield or that bounces off the hood of your car.

A problem that can occur with polarized lenses is the filter that protects against glare can also block your ability to read certain electronic lights including some dashboard lights and your cell phone. It can prove dangerous if you don’t see a patch of ice your about to drive over or cannot read your car’s speedometer.

Transition lenses turn dark when you’re outside, so they save you the trouble of needing a second pair of prescription glasses.

A problem some people experience with them is that it takes one or two minutes before they to return to clear lenses when you go indoors. A bigger difficulty is when a car’s windshield blocks UV light from getting into the car, it will also keep the transition lenses from becoming dark.

Tinted Lenses

Coloured lenses can be much more than a fashion statement. Each colour can reduce glare, improve your ability to see contrasts, strengthen a person’s depth perception and reduce eye fatigue in various surroundings.

Tinted lenses can benefit the athlete and improve their performance in many sporting events.

Lens Coatings

When you’re looking for new sunglasses, think about the different coatings that are available.

A scratch-resistant coating will extend the life of your glasses and give you clearer vision.

Glare-resistant lenses will reduce your tendency to squint and strain your eyes due to the glare from oncoming car headlights, computer screens and other electrical devices.

A UV Protective coating will keep your eyelids from sunburn and protect your eye’s structure. This coating is crucial in saving your eyes from UV’s damaging rays.

Consider a Larger Frame

Even with good lenses, light from the sun can still reach your eyes in any place the frame doesn’t touch your face. Choosing a larger frame, thus, larger lenses will keep more of your eyes protected.

Buying glasses online might seem like a great deal. But if you have anything other than basic vision needs it might be a waste of time and money.

Not all prescriptions will work with every eyeglass frame. Making it a challenge to find a pair of sunglasses that will work with your prescription.

For some prescriptions, if the frame you like has a curve, the corrective focal point on your lense won’t be in that sweet spot. Things will look distorted.

Ask the dispensing optician at your eye doctor’s office for advice. They are the experts on eyeglass frame design, fit and corrective lenses. They’ll not only help you choose an attractive frame to suit your face shape, and lifestyle but they’ll know if the frames you picked will work for your specific prescription.

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