Contact Lenses Provider

We offer a range of soft contact lenses from daily, weekly and monthly lens options as well as other more permanent contacts as well. The perfect contact lens starts with the right fitting and prescription for your eyes.

For this reason, we offer on-site eye exams with our optometrist Dr. Amanda Torres. Not only will she ensure you have the correct prescription and measurements, but our team of dispensing opticians will fit you with the perfect contact lens.

  • Adult & Adolescent contact lens fittings
  • The Best Contact Lens Brands available
  • Lens Fitting Appointment Included with Purchase
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly soft disposable lenses available

Book Your Contact Lens Eye Exam & Fitting Appointment

Flexible appointments available for contact lens fittings and/or eye exams with our optometrist. You can call us today at 902-465-4979 or request your appointment online by completing this form.

Finding the Right Contact Lens for You

There are many things to take into consideration when choosing the right contact lens for you. The shape of your eye, prescription, and vision requirements, as well as your lifestyle all, come into play. While many have opted to order their contact lens online, we encourage everyone to have a local professional assist you with choosing the right lens for you. After all you only get one set of eyes.

Things to consider when choosing the right lens are:

  • How long will you want to wear the lens (daily, couple of times a week)
  • Are you prone to eye dryness?
  • Do you have any refractive errors?
  • Are you suffering from presbyopia (normal reduction in nearsighted vision with age)?

For the average younger adult, determining the right shape and prescription of the lens is all that’s needed. However, as we age considering bifocal or progressive lenses is an option.

Let us help you find the right Contact Lenses at our Dartmouth Location on Baker Drive. Book your appointment or come on in today.