Eastern Passage Optometrist & Eye Exams

Optometrist Eastern Passage

  • In-depth eye exams at times that work for you
  • Eye care services for children
  • A leading provider of family eye care
  • Local expert eye care

It’s imperative to have an experienced Eastern Passage optometrist staying on top of your family’s eye health so that eye issues can be identified and properly treated before they can seriously impact your quality of life. Prevention is the best treatment. If an issue already exists, catching it early can make a significant difference in the long-term.

Eye Care Clinic Easter Passage

  • Meeting the eye care needs of your entire family
  • One of the best eye care clinics in Eastern Passage
  • Experts in eye care for children

Having the right pair of glasses or contact lenses starts with a comprehensive eye exam that establishes an accurate prescription. Visiting your Eastern Passage eye care clinic annually or every two years will ensure that the vision needs of you and your entire family are met so the world can be seen the way that it is meant to be seen.

Contact lenses Provider in Eastern Passage

  • Providing only the best contact lens brands
  • Detailed fitting appointment to establish the most comfortable fit

Contact lenses can help you see the world in a whole new way. We evaluate everything from the shape of your eye to your prescription requirements to find the best fit possible. You can also select contact lenses based on preferences. For instance, you may want extended wear, contacts that accommodate eyes that are prone to dryness, or contacts that can correct eye issues like astigmatism. There are many solutions available for when you are ready to take a new step with your vision.

About Eastern Passage

Eastern Passage is a Halifax suburb that has strong ties to the fishing industry. It was a destination for European migrants in the 1700s, resulting in a cultural shift that led to the Mi’kmaq migrating to McNab’s Island.

The community is small with fewer than 12,000 residents, but its historical impact is significant, as Eastern Passage has connections with the French and Indian War, the American Civil War, and both World Wars. The community is also home to a number of oil refineries, which helped establish a strong local economy.

Throughout its history, Eastern Passage has evolved with the times, resulting in a population surge between 2001 and 2006. With its close proximity to Halifax, residents can enjoy the small town feel and still have access to big city amenities. However, Eastern Passage has plenty of its own to boast about with five schools providing a quality education, sports fields, tennis courts, parks, playgrounds, nearby beaches, and a heavy emphasis on youth sports and activities.

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